Dear Members, is responsible for the protection and security of any information given by the visitors of this site. collects information about visitors during the registration process in various sections of the site, while using some functions within the site, and through cookies. When a visitor requests a page from our servers, our server automatically receives some information about the visitor; this includes the visitor's IP address. The IP address is used by the computers on the network to send the pages they want to the visitors. Apart from that, in order to access certain parts of the site, visitors must register and voluntarily provide some information about themselves. certainly does not share the information it collects while registering during the membership phase with third parties, does not use or sell it for commercial purposes for any reason other than activity, without the knowledge of the member in question or otherwise.

Customer information can only be disclosed to official authorities if this information is duly requested by the official authorities and in cases where it is obliged to make a statement to the official authorities in accordance with the provisions of the mandatory legislation in force.

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