Your orders will be shipped within 24 hours after payment is completed. This period may be longer for specially designed products. You can find detailed information in the product description.

In extraordinary situations such as strikes, lockouts, natural disasters, uprisings, public movements, nuclear risk and danger, war, invasion, revolution, civil war, sabotage and fire situations and arising from the buyer (not being at the address, lack of an authority to take delivery, the buyer has moved from the address, etc.) delivery time and conditions may vary.

You can receive your order from the courier against signature by presenting a picture ID.

When your order is delivered, you should open your package and check the product with the cargo officer. It is very important to do this, especially with crushed, torn, opened or wet packages. In an unexpected situation, if you encounter a problem product, you should not take delivery of the package, but keep a report with the cargo authority and ensure that it is returned to us by the cargo company.

If you are not at the address you specified at the time of delivery, your order will be delivered to the person at the delivery address after checking the picture ID and taking the signature.

If no one is found at the address at the time of delivery, the courier company officer will leave you a news note with the phone number of the courier company. The address left in the notice is not called again, in this case, the customer must pick up the cargo from the branch.

You can change your order within 3 working days from the date you receive it. You can contact our support department about your exchange process and provide information and send your product back with the invoice, with a payment to the courier company. When your request reaches us, it will be evaluated by us and an information message will be sent to you. In exchange transactions, the shipping fee is paid by you for reasons other than the product goes wrong (not liking the product, changing the size, etc.). Shipments sent with counter payment are not accepted.

Since our products, which are sold in accordance with the conditions of, are in the category of special design, single use, returns are not accepted.
*International orders cannot be returned or exchanged due to shipping and customs costs. Please take this into account when placing your order.

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